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Usually, sales jobs are more often in the field, dealing directly with customers. However, it is very difficult to monitor sales activities in the field. Monitoring is very important to increasing the productivity of the sales team in the field. To overcome this, you can use Sales CRM Software technology.

By using the sales crm software, sales activities can be monitored properly to increase the productivity of the sales team and simplify the sales process. The sales crm software is also useful for communicating and coordinating with staff who are not in the field. The sales software can be used on a mobile basis and can be used anytime and anywhere.

What is a Sales CRM Software?

The sales crm software is a useful software to facilitate monitoring of sales activities in the field and track performance so that it can report achievements or problems that occur in the field. The sales crm software can also track sales activities so that they are optimal to meet sales and sales KPIs.

The sales crm software also generates several analytical reports that can be viewed on the main page (dashboard).

In addition, the sales crm software can also facilitate communication and coordination with other teams, so that marketing and sales activities are carried out optimally.

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Why Do Companies Need a Sales CRM Monitoring Application? 

Before the sales application, the sales team usually used manual methods to determine travel routes by looking at maps. Currently, everything can be coordinated well thanks to a sales application based on a cloud system. Field sales can see their travel route through this application with GPS technology that can provide navigation. This application can also make it easier for the sales team to make reports.

Currently, all document reports are processed digitally quickly which is connected to the internet through the devices used by the field sales team. This sales application encourages the field sales team to be more productive, reduce operational costs, and improve customer service.

With this application, the company can make decisions quickly based on reports received in real-time. This application can also measure the performance of the field sales team accurately. Sales team supervisors can use this sales application to analyze the performance of the field sales team, such as by seeing attendance, sales, and visits to customers.

How Sales CRM Software Work

The sales crm software serves to facilitate sales activities when visiting customer locations and can make it easier for managers to monitor sales activities from the office through the sales crm software.

Sales activities in finding efficient routes and completing all tasks can also be assisted by sales crm software. The route displays everything in real-time every time sales activities change locations.

All problems can be reported directly in the software. Managers can immediately provide solutions to problems with the communication features in the sales crm software.

Each activity report can be displayed on the dashboard page, which makes it easier for managers to easily develop strategies to increase sales team activities.

Important Sales CRM Software Features

Many features are available in the sales crm software to facilitate sales or sales activities. Here are the main features of the sales software.

1. 360° Customer View

Create one custom database to hold all customer accounts and contacts, and create 360° customer views. By using the software, sales can store all customer data from names to addresses, with the ability to view them in a folder to maintain a relationship with the company. By using a 360° customer view, you can predict customer behavior and need to earn their trust.

2. Flexible Communication

Communicate with teams and customers from one platform. make calls, messages, and emails. You will receive notifications of all activities, so you won't miss out on what's important.

3. Business Process Management

All internal processes happen automatically, from requesting document approval to collaborating on complex projects involving teams. Sales crm software can meet the need for business process management. Utilize the best business implementation to maximize your company's business process management.

4. Lead Management

Sales crm software can capture and track leads. The sales software will automatically verify the data to create new contacts and provide direction for the lead management process.

5. Business Opportunity Management

Management of all opportunities using the concept of an out-of-the-box process. Determine tactics for an opportunity, identify and make decisions, track competitors, analyze competitors' strengths and weaknesses.

6. Order and Invoice

Easily manage orders and invoices. can classify accounts according to type (individual or group), budget, product, service, owner, and others.

7. Forecast Sales

Ensuring sales goals with forecast tools. You can easily plan sales volumes with managers, accounts, or industries.

8. Mobile Access

All-access about customers can be displayed through several platforms. All features are easily accessible via mobile at any time and from any location.

9. Low-code Platform

Built and developed with a low-code platform, making the software development process fast and not time-consuming. System modifications are easy without the need for programming code.

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The Best Sales CRM Software for Your Business!

There are many sales crm software providers, but it is important for you to know the needs and features you want. In addition to complete features, an experienced software provider such as iSystem Asia is the right choice for you.

iSystem Asia provides a sales software with very complete features ranging from monitoring, customer relationship management, business process management, and many more that you will not find in other software providers. iSystem Asia also provides several other services such as CRM and BPM Technology, Consulting and Advisory, Training and Certification. For more information, please contact the person below.

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