Low Code Development Platforms vs Traditional Development | Which is the Best?

low code development vs traditional development

There isn't much difference between low-code platform development and traditional development as conventional coding is mostly done. Although some things are different from traditional development, low-code platforms are still valuable business investments for companies. Because the Low-code development platform provides a visual tool for businesses to optimize the development of the application they are working on.

Here, iSystem Asia will help explain low-code platform development and traditional development and learn the differences between each so you can improve your business application development.

Traditional Development

Traditional development refers to working with the entire IT development and programming team to gather requirements and develop a plan with the development team to code as needed. Projects with traditional development are often very complex and expensive. And often, projects run very long because they are delayed by the following:

1. Coding error

2. Inaccurate estimation

3. Long testing process

4. Infrastructure

Furthermore, the process of continued maintenance with the application developer is certainly expensive.

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What is the Low-Code Development Platform

Unlike traditional development, low-code development platforms are a fast way to create, design, and develop software applications with minimal programming language. Using a low-code development platform can make application development more efficient and save time.

How the Low-Code Development Platform System Works

The low-code development platform has provided application developers with many tools for creating drag-and-drop interface pages. Low-code development platforms make it easy and fast for app developers to build modern apps without worrying about complex code syntax.

The Difference between Low-code Development Platforms and Traditional Development


Traditional development has a very high cost for the process of designing and developing applications. This is usually the option used by very large companies and requires very specialized applications and is difficult to build using a low-code development platform.

Low-code development platforms have much lower costs than traditional development. Companies can choose which access they want to use instead of being determined by the application developer.


Traditional development has a complicated process and makes it take a long time to process. For complex code, it takes a lot of time to understand the requirements accurately.

Unlike the low code development platform, which is much easier to use, you don't need to write complicated code, just drag-and-drop to develop applications.

App Quality

Because it has a high level of process and difficulty, traditional development usually produces a lot of bugs and errors in the application, making it difficult for users to use the application.

In contrast, low-code development platforms generally do not generate bugs during the application development process. This means you can freely develop your app without having to worry about bugs or errors.

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The Benefits of Using a Low-Code Development Platform

The main benefit of a low-code development platform is simplicity. But there are also many other desirable benefits.

1. Scalability

The low-code development platform is easy to use and easy to develop, without the need for a professional developer.

Reducing problems in the application development process that can lead to increased production costs. With a low-code development platform, costs can be reduced and productivity can increase, which naturally has the potential to make the business grow.

2. Speed

Low-code development platforms have high speed in the development process, which means speeding up business productivity activities that can help your business make decisions more quickly and precisely.

3. Capabilities

Low-code development platforms use components that can be used to provide visuals and avoid the need for conventional coding.

Make it easier for application developers to create applications that can be used according to business and consumer needs for the better.

low code development vs traditional development

Interested in a Low-code Development Platform?

Low-code is able to make it easier for application developers in the development process in order to shorten the time to be more effective and efficient. From this, iSystem Asia is hereby providing application services with a Low-code Development Platform that will facilitate business needs to be faster and more efficient. iSystem Asia also provides several other services, such as CRM and BPM Technology, Consulting and Advisory, Training and Certification. For more information, please contact the person below.

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