What is CRM? Full Explanation of CRM


CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management which is a system for managing the relationship between the company and the customer. This CRM system was created to maximize the company's communication and marketing relationships to retain customers or find potential customers. Currently, not many companies know about the explanation, benefits, and objectives of CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

For this reason, iSystem Asia will explain in detail the history, explanation, benefits, objectives, and examples of application in the company.

A Brief History of CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

In the early 1970s when a business or company had an opinion that it was better to be an "emphatic customer" than an "emphatic product", then the CRM system was born because of this opinion. CRM system has a picture of a company that is full of complete information to increase company profits by increasing customer satisfaction.

What is CRM?

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a business strategy system that combines processes, people, and technology. Helping business marketing to attract prospective customers/prospects to become customers and maintain relationships with existing customers so that customers feel loyal and satisfied.

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The Purpose of CRM

The purpose of CRM is to find out customer needs and find information on customer behavior to use as service and maintain relationships. Many companies or businesses have difficulty in finding information on customer needs.

Benefits of CRM

Some of the benefits of CRM are as follows:

1. Increase customer loyalty to the company

By using CRM, the relationship between the company and customers will be well established which will increase customer loyalty within the company. Complete information about customer needs will maintain good relations with customers. Companies must provide good service and improve product quality so that customers will remain loyal to the company.

2. Operations and business costs become more efficient

CRM has the benefit of being able to target service to customers. This will be recorded in detail which can help reduce production costs.

3. Time to market precisely

CRM can record every customer need such as customer behavior and purchases. CRM can also determine the right time to market a product, which is useful for the marketing team to plan an effective method.

The right implementation of CRM will be very beneficial for companies that will provide optimal benefits.

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CRM Example

Website CRM

In the form of a question form on a website, the results of these questions will be accommodated into the company database which will later be processed and become feedback.

CRM on Email Marketing

Email subscriptions in a CRM system are one of the marketing methods to attract attention from customers.

CRM on Apps

CRM in this application is usually shaped as a rating and comment column, the rating serves as a benchmark of customer satisfaction with the services provided.

CRM Software

In today's technological era, the CRM system is now in the form of an application/software which is now a necessity for a company or business. This CRM software is much more optimal because it can manage customer data so that it becomes information about customer needs. By using this CRM software, customer complaints and needs regarding products can be managed appropriately.

Benefits of CRM Software for Business

As stated by Creatio, this CRM software has several advantages which include:

1. Increase Sales

With CRM software in a business, customer satisfaction will increase and get better. Remarketing activities (remarketing) can be arranged neatly by a system based on each customer's needs, it will certainly increase sales.

2. Increase Company Productivity

By using CRM software, all employee work activities are neatly arranged so that they can monitor the company's productivity properly.

3. Increase Customer Loyalty

With fast service and increased customer satisfaction can increase customer loyalty. Customers will feel satisfied if the service provided is fast and good, so many customers will be loyal to the business.

4. Maximizing Collaboration

By using CRM Software with an integrated system, divisions will communicate with each other quickly to accelerate the follow-up process for customer needs on target.

iSystem Asia comes with providing CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system integration services, and many features of the CRM software iSystem Asia that can facilitate the management of the company's business. iSystem Asia also provides several other services such as CRM and BPM Technology, Consulting and Advisory, Training, and Certification. For more information please contact the person below.

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