Low-code No-code Platform – Understanding, Difference

low code no code platform

There are not too many differences between low-code and no-code platforms, with the tools that make it easier for development in application creation, testing, to deployment, making the final development process faster and easier. And because of this came the low-code no-code development platform innovation.

Low-code Platform

Low-code platform in short, is to do application development with less conventional coding, faster and easier. The low-code platform can be used from design and connects to the database visually with ease.

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No-code Platform

The no-code platform is not much different from the low-code platform. The difference is that the no-code platform does not use conventional coding at all, everything is done through the UI, which is usually a web.

No-code is very similar to low-code, which relies on an external API or in the form of a provided widget.

Difference between Low-code and No-code Platform

The main difference between low-code and no-code platforms lies in the amount of conventional coding required. Low-code platform development requires some of the conventional coding needed to develop and integrate applications, while no-code platform development requires no conventional coding at all. Because this is why many businesses use low-code no-code platforms, because of the limited expertise of the workforce.

low code no code platform

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Why Choose Low-code No-code platform

The business solutions offered are cheaper

This platform is considered cheaper than other developments, because it uses fewer resources. The low-code no-code platform provides an easy and development-ready solution.

Security is further enhanced

Development projects may expose sensitive data, necessitating a smaller development team. Low-code or no-code development allows business owners to develop applications or monitor development securely.

Easy to use

This low-code no-code platform is very easy to use, even for users who do not have basic coding knowledge. This platform minimizes the use of development staff.

Can the Low-code No-code Platform replace "conventional coding?"

The low-code no-code platform does not only replace the existing development flow, because the existing features are limited so that it cannot do in-depth customization.


Interested in the Low-code No-code Platform?

Low-code no-code is able to make it easier for application developers in the development process in order to shorten the time to be more effective and efficient. From this, iSystem Asia is here by providing application services with a Low-code No-code Platform that will facilitate business needs to be faster and more efficient. iSystem Asia also provides several other services, such as CRM and BPM Technology, Consulting and Advisory, Training and Certification. For more information, please contact the person below.

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