CRM Fundamental


Program Description:

This two-day course examines CRM as a key strategic process in an organization. It is de?ned as the overall process of acquiring, retaining and growing pro?table customer relationships by delivering value and satisfaction to the customer. Focusing on people, process and technology, this course leads students from understanding the fundamentals of CRM as well as the CRM philosophy and the implementation of CRM systems that incorporate and integrate information from sales, marketing and service.

Program Outcome:

  • Gain an understanding of CRM thinking process
  • Develop an understanding of the terms and benefits of CRM on a company’s bottom line
  • Analyze the different components of CRM.
  • Identify how CRM creates value for organizations and customers.
  • An understanding of CRM Strategies in Sales, Marketing and Customer Service contexts.
  • An understanding of the impact of social media on CRM best practices.
  • Develop a CRM Plan for the implementation of CRM Strategy.

Duration & Method:

In-class – 2 days


Junior to Senior Management level in Customer Relation areas, including CRM champion, Sales, Marketing, Digital Marketing, Customer Care and Customer Supports.

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