Women Can Lead: Story of Aina Neva Fiati, Leader of a Male-dominated Company

The feminist movement has come a long way given the term “working women” was only established in the mid 1800s. What started out as the only way for women to provide food on the table during war times, developed into a formidable force for societal change and gender equality. Since the first World War, women’s rights, responsibilities, and opportunities have seen a revolutionary shift and evolution to be what it is today.

Active industries such as construction, finance, engineering, software development, etc, are still dominated by men in this day. In Indonesia, one woman from Bandung, breaks the glass ceiling to take the chance of leading a male-dominated industry of information technology. She is Aina Neva Fiati, a female Director of iSystem Asia, Indonesia’s leading management and technology consulting company.

“To be working (and now leading) in the male-dominated industry was never my goal. Since day one of building my career, I was just sticking to what I love doing; working on something, and making it beneficial for the people around,” Aina shared.

Aina Neva Fiati – Managing Director iSystem Asia

With her previous experience in business development, marketing & corporate communications and CRM, Aina first began iSystem Asia in 2012 as a technology and management consulting company, offering a customer-focused and integrated services for CRM (Customer Relationship Management), EPM (Enterprise Performance Management) dan BPM (Business Process Management). It was a rough journey Aina and her team have gone through, but they kept going. As technology evolves, iSystem Asia offers more solutions greater than CRM and BPM, including Customer Experience (CX), automation and Low-code & No-Code technology. Now twelve years after its establishment, iSystem Asia grows bigger and stronger with customers coming from various industries both locally and overseas, to name a few: banking, aviation, telecommunication, construction, public sector, automotive and insurance.

Balancing work, family, and personal life is a constant challenge for women leaders. The term of “working women” sounds quite difficult. However, Aina finds it excitingly challenging. At the beginning, as a woman, it’s hard for her to juggle between work and family. She continued on what she loves doing and didn’t stop herself from the bumpy ride until she finally reached the point where she is today.

“In the near future, I hope there will be more women leaders so the world will be a lovelier place. To all women, please do not ever be unstoppable of doing what you love, and never be apologetic for your own success. Happy International Women’s Day,” ended Aina.

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