CX Workshop for Better Understanding of Customer Experience

Research shows that 50% of customers say they will likely switch to a new brand after a poor customer experience, 89% of them are more likely to make another purchase after a positive customer service experience, and 61% of consumers are willing to pay a premium of at least 5% for a promise of exceptional customer experience. That is huge, that is important, and that is why Customer Experience (CX) matters.

At iSystem Asia, we always urge our customers (both prospectives and existing ones) to take CX seriously. For that matter, everything related to CX, iSystem Asia will have you covered. Not only planning and developing a CX Strategy & Design, we also provide CX Workshops that will help escalate your organization’s customer experience efforts.

Our CX Workshop is fun yet highly effective, and can be done either online or on-site, gathering a group of people from different parts of your company to learn together how to make their customers happier. We call our CX Workshop as something like brainstorming session with a specific focus: improving the way customers feel when they interact with your company.

CX Workshop for SERA (ASTRA Group) – 2019
CX Workshop for Bank Indonesia – 2019

CX Professional Class for SELOG (ASTRA Group) – 2021

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