iSystem Asia Assists in Pilot Implementation for a Project with State-owned Sharia Bank | January 2024

2024 began very productive and busy in iSystem Asia. One of our clients, state-owned sharia bank in Indonesia, starts to deploy the CRM System that we have worked on these past few months. The system that we implement are including but not limited to: Sales Activity Tools, Pipeline Management, Dashboard Analytics and Customer 360°.

Our pilot implementation for this project was on the first week of January, where we implemented the system to four main bank branches. Another implementation was done to six bank branches in the following month. In the coming months, we are going to implement the system to the rest of the branch, that are nearly 1,300 branches nationwide.

While doing the project, we are feeling a bit uneasy, yet excited at the same time because this extensive project shall be a part of a significant change to the sharia financial system in our country—and it’s something that truly reflects one of our company motto, Meaningful.

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