Tugu Insurance Syariah Conducts Application Development and Re-Coding with iSystem Asia

Jakarta, January 22, 2020 – The vision of PT Asuransi Tugu Pratama Indonesia Tbk (Tugu Insurance) is becoming the best general insurance company in Indonesia. Expanding their opportunity and answering the customer need for insurance products based on sharia principles, Tugu Insurance has started a new business named Tugu Insurance Syariah (TIS) and launched its applications.

iSystem Asia integrates the TIS Application development using Low-Code No-Code Technology by Creatio. As an integrator, iSystem Asia applies the Scrum Master implementation methodology that effectively answers Tugu Insurance needs to recode and to develop the TIS application.

Project Kick-Off is starting on January 22, 2020, marks Tugu Insurance's commitment to continue in providing innovation by carrying out Brand Transformation accompanied by the spirit of "RNH" by upholding the 6C corporate values: Clean, Committed, Capable, Creative, Collaborative, and Customer Focused.

The recoding process by iSystem Asia using Low-Code No-Code Technology - Creatio Studio Enterprise Module includes Marketing, Engineering, PR & AR-AP, Cash & Bank Management, Tax Management, Investment, Budget, and Accounting. Also, They provide the tools that can do universal uploads, workflows, and administrator tools to make changes and development.

Aina Neva Fiati, as Managing Director of iSystem Asia, fully supports Tugu Insurance's vision to keep pace with customers' demands, "In the middle of the digital transformation and social era, we need technology that can help us adapt quickly to any change at any time. With Creatio, the company will have the confidence to step up to a new level and be ready to face challenges and opportunities in the future. We are grateful for the trust of Creatio's Customers. "

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