iSystem Asia Supports The Stakeholder Journey Study in The Context of CRM Operations as an Effort to Optimize Bank Indonesia Contact Center Services BICARA 131

29 September 2021

iSystem Asia with the Public Information & Digital Communication Services division of Bank Indonesia have done a Kick-Off project on December 14, 2020. This project exists for increasing the effectiveness of digital services to all levels of stakeholders. Therefore, Bank Indonesia took the initiative to optimalize the Talk 131 Contact Center service by conducting a Stakeholder Journey study.

iSystem Asia contributed to design the Blueprint Stakeholders Experience in the context of operationalizing CRM at the Bank Indonesia BICARA Contact Center 131. As a consultant, iSystem Asia is expected to provide input and recommendations regarding business strategies and action plans, roadmaps, organization, human resources, processes, and metrics in the analysis of the stakeholder journey which can provide a reference for Bank Indonesia in an effort to realize a good stakeholder experience in the future.

iSystem Asia is pleased to support the steps of Bank Indonesia (BI). "In the midst of the trend of customer experience culture and digital transformation, currently an effort is needed from companies/businesses/brands in terms of corporate strategies based on customer experience to roadmaps for implementing customer experience strategies to improve customer experience," said Aina Neva Fiati as Managing Director of iSystem Asia.

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