LOW CODE MARATHON: 10-day business marathon to guide IT and digital leaders on how to build a successful digital-first organization using low-code technology

21 June 2021

Jakarta, 21/06/2021 – Creatio has organized a series of Low Code Marathon event that was hosted virtually.  This 10-day business event was held globally from 1-14 June and started on 7 -18 June for APAC track.

This event was conducted to bring awareness about the importance of digital transformation to adapt the business from any industry in this era of disruptions. Through this event, Creatio offers a solution called “Low-Code Technology” to help you build a successful digital-first organization by using the intelligent system of low-code technology.

Creatio featured more than 50 speakers from around the world included IT leaders, IT experts, and business leaders to talk about all aspects of creating digital-first organizations. Creatio has successfully collaborated with iSystem Asia to host Indonesian track on June 17, 2021.

In collaboration with iSystem Asia – one of Creatio’s best partners in Asia Pacific, Low-Code Marathon proudly presented:

  1. Aina Neva Fiati as Managing Director of iSystem Asia
  2. Indar Wiguna as Head of Tech from iSystem Asia
  3. Ernawan as IT Planning, Assurance & Compliance from PT Wijaya Karya, Creatio’s low-code technology user.

At this event, speakers brought the topic about how to build a successful digital-first organization using low-code technology. In addition, the audience was also presented with the real case that has been handled using Creatio's products by iSystem Asia. In order to give a perfect explanation of low-code technology, the event also featured a product demo that showcases Creatio's interesting functions.

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