Digital Customer Experience (CX) Class for Leaders in One of Astra Companies

With an increasingly digital world, social media is now a forum for customers to discuss services, give praise, criticism, and advice openly to companies. The new dimension of "word of mouth" can be a double-edged sword for companies.

A good company is certainly able to identify this new opportunity by increasing customer service digitally.  This is what drives PT Serasi Autoraya, a subsidiary company of ASTRA GROUP to carry out in-house Digital Customer Experience (CX) Class for Leader training.

PT Serasi Autoraya (SERA) is a company that is growing and transforming progressively.  Originally a vehicle rental service company, SERA has now become a transportation solution service, used vehicle seller, and logistics management service.  SERA considers that excellent customer service plays a vital role in the development of their business.

This in-house training was held at GRHA SERA, Jl. Mitra Sunter Boulevard Kav 90/C2, Sunter Jaya, North Jakarta.  On 12-13 February 2020, as many as 35 trainees participated in the Digital Customer Experience (CX) Class for Leader with Dr.  Paul Leow, DBA, P.CRM, a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) expert, academic, and practitioner who is also experienced in the transportation business.

The trainees are department leaders who will guide their employees in digital customer service practices.  They are the heads of the AP & Cash Management Department, Business Control Department, Risk Management Department, System Integration Department, Product Development Department, Finance Accounting Department, Customer Experience Management Department, Corp Customer Relations Division, Digital Marketing Department, Business Development Department, HR Department, Fleet Management Division Corp, and IT Department.

CRM itself is management that puts customers in lifetime value, then continues to grow and branch out. One of them becomes a Social CRM that is applying new technologies and strategies, striking in this increasingly digital life. By using the approach to social media channels, SERA will be able to improve customer service in real-time.

Paul Greenberg, a CRM expert, defines Social CRM as:

"Engaging customers in a collaborative conversation to provide mutually beneficial assessments in a trusted and transparent business environment."

Listening, responding, building relationships with customers will open up opportunities for SERA to develop more rapidly in the future.

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