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ACCELERATE Event is the Creatio Global Tour and Premier Event for business and technology leaders. Creatio holds this event in 15 countries around the world, and Jakarta is chosen to be the only country to hold this event in Asia Pacific. After the ACCELERATE Event that is always filled with world-class thought leaders who share their industry expertise and success stories on how to accelerate business growth, the participants at the event always get inspirations and insightful thoughts in best and smart ways.

iSystem Asia and Creatio are very proud to host the third ACCELERATE Jakarta 2019 Event for the whole Asia in Jakarta, Indonesia on 5 September 2019 at The Westin Jakarta. Moderated by the Senior Partner of iSystem Asia – Ananta Dewandhono, this third event brings good connections to more than 500 executive business people from the top and leading companies in Indonesia and Asia Pacific who come with powerful plans and positive enthusiasms.

At ACCELERATE Jakarta 2019 Event, the Managing Director of iSystem Asia – Aina Neva Fiati – hopes that the implementation of the CRM system in Indonesia continues to keep pace with the rapid growth of the digital industry today. It takes a strategic step from the C-level in designing the strategy and implementation of a company’s CRM. “Paul Greenberg’s presence marks the industry in the Asia Pacific region, especially in Indonesia, in the spotlight and of course the standard system of relations to customers continues to increase,” said Aina.

iSystem Asia (PT Inter Sistem Asia), as the only partner integrator of Creatio in Indonesia and Asia Pacific, is the Management and Technology Consulting Company. It focuses on Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Customer Experience Management (CX), and Business Process Management (BPM). It provides the services training, certification, consulting and system implementation. With the clients from telecommunication, banking, finance, aerospace, construction, FMCG, education, and government agency, iSystem Asia brings unique and global approaches to improve business’ efficiencies and simplify its process.

Creatio (previously known as bpm’online) is the Global Business Software Company leading in the space of low-code, business process automation and CRM. As Creatio has been highly recognized as a market leader by key industry analysts, its intelligent platform accelerates sales, marketing, service and operations for thousands of customers and hundreds of partners worldwide. The mission of Creatio is to help companies ACCELERATE!

Both of iSystem Asia and Creatio have been successfully helping companies in Indonesia to implement CRM and BPM for 7 years.

ACCELERATE Jakarta 2019 Event is being held by iSystem Asia and Creatio with the purpose that all technology and business leaders can share their experiences. All the participants who come to the event highly appreciate the biggest and greatest knowledges shared by the successful leaders.

The best speakers for ACCELERATE Jakarta 2019 Event in Jakarta are:

  • Paul Greenberg – Managing Principal of The 56 Group, LLC, and author of the best-selling “CRM at the Speed of Light”
  • Alex Donchuk, Bogdan Henderson and Mike Hryshchenko from Creatio
  • Harismawan Wahyuadi from PT Citilink Indonesia, Azalea Ayuningtya from Du’Anyam and Ernawan – the Senior IT Consultant at Wijaya Karya

PAUL GREENBERG – Managing Principal of The 56 Group, LLC, and author of the best-selling “CRM at the Speed of Light”

Paul Greenberg is the Managing Principal of The 56 Group, LLC, the Master and Guru of CRM and the most recognized analyst of CRM Industry in the world. Paul who comes to Jakarta for the first time is the author of a best seller book called “CRM at the Speed ??of Light”. Because of this book, he is also known as “The Godfather of CRM”. This famous book that is also known as “The Holy Book for The CRM Industry” has been translated into 9 languages. Around 70 best universities in the world and most business and CRM practitioners have been using the book as the reference sources in their professional and business works.

In ACCELERATE Jakarta 2019 event, Paul Greenberg shares his good knowledge and inspirations about “A Company Like Me: Creating A Humanized, Customer-Engaged Company”.

There is a revolution in Digital Communications that changes the world of institutions and business. Things that change are about the ways to communicate, the expectation of the communication, the time when we expect the response, who we trust when we do the communication and the volume of communications. The other things that also have changed are about what the customers expect from the interactions, transactions, longer term engagement and experience with institutions and individuals.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the only science of business that attempts to reproduce an art of life. CRM is a technology and system that sustains sales, marketing and customer service activities. It is designed to capture and interpret customer data, both structured and unstructured, and to sustain the management of the business side of customer related operations. CRM technology automates processes and workflows and helps organize and interpret data to support a company in engaging its customers more effectively.

Paul Greenberg believes that Customer Experience is all about how a customer feels about a company over time. The customers will always continue to do business with the companies if they like the companies.

Some of the things that the companies need to concern about are making experience seamless, recognizing that the customer will be expecting the best results in all channels, and knowing about the customers that can help to make good decisions.

Some of the preparations that the companies need to do to improve customer relationships are to ensure that the companies can meet customer expectations, provide the most important channels for customers, treat customers as partners, provide whatever the customer needs, and acknowledge that the ideas of customers are not the same as the ideas from the companies.

Paul Greenberg shares some case studies about CRM from the successful companies, and two of them are Ryanair and Dialog Axiata Group. These two companies really learned that the business in their companies can be good when they really care about their customers and when they always try to serve their customers in nice ways.

Ryanair became the largest airline in Europe after doing better things, like reducing booking flight from 17 clicks to 5 clicks, deleting the penalty when the customers cancel the flight in 24 hours grace period, reducing the baggage fee, giving free second bag in cabin, and allowing portable electronic devices. The CEO of Ryanair, Michael O’Leary, said that if he knew that being nice to customers was going to work so well, he would have started it many years ago.

Dialog Axiata Group becomes one of the top and largest telecommunication companies in Sri Lanka after managing customer experience from the “service delivery end”, managing customer lifecycle from end to end, monitoring customers’ accounts in the background, providing exceptional value-added services, and mapping customer journey daily. The CCO of Dialog Axiata, Sandra De Zoysa, said that these are all about the service from the heart when Dialog Axiata Group wants to make the life of customers becomes more easier and how well Dialog Axiata Group fits into the customers’ lifestyles.


In ACCELERATE Jakarta 2019 event, the great people who speaks on behalf of Creatio are Alex Donchuk – the Global Channel Director, Bogdan Henderson – the Partner Account Manager for APAC and Mike Hryshchenko – the Regional Sales Director. They shared about the business plans and ideas on “Low-Code Technologies to Accelerate Digital Transformation”.

From the year of 2019 to 2020, Creatio has its strategy to create Low-Code BPM Platform, deliver powerful CRM offering, build strong ecosystem, grow the business partners, and be passionate about customers.

Low-Code Platform is created for traditional consumers and business users because Creatio believes that everyone is developer. The product of Low Code Platform is created under the name of Free Studio. This intelligent low-code platform called Free Studio has out-of-the-box solutions and templates, and it is a free powerful tool to simplify process design. This product that is free of charge offers users a powerful yet easy to-use SaaS tool for creating custom applications.

Low-Code Platform can design process diagrams and build process flows with simple visual tools, manage all process in a single environment, standardize the process management and simplify process documentation.

The experts in Creatio have been successful to share their knowledge and experiences to the customers, organizations and companies by providing trainings at its online courses and live training, and giving certifications. In Indonesia, the trainings are held in Indonesian Language by its cooperation with iSystem Asia. Two of the new certifications that have been created are Analyst and Developer.

Until today, Creatio has been successful to cooperate with 600 companies from 99 countries as its partners and reach the business in Chicago, Miami, Jakarta, London, Paris, Moscow, Minsk, Kiev, Dubai, Almaty and Melbourne. Creatio becomes a 5-Star Partner Program Award Winner in 2019 for the third year in a row.

HARISMAWAN WAHYUADI – from PT Citilink Indonesia, AZALEA AYUNINGTYA – from Du’Anyam and ERNAWAN – from Wijaya Karya

In ACCELERATE Jakarta 2019 Event, iSystem Asia and Creatio are very proud to inform that PT Citilink Indonesia, Du’Anyam and Wijaya Karya are three of their best clients. At the event, Harismawan Wahyuadi – the VP Ancillary & Cargo of PT Citilink Indonesia, Azalea Ayuningtya – the CEO and Founder of Du’Anyam, and Ernawan – the Senior IT Consultant at Wijaya Karya are happy to explain about “Business Success Stories on How Technology Helps Drive Better Results and Accelerate Growth”. It is all about the successful business activities that they have ever since they work together with iSystem Asia and Creatio.

On “Revenue Streaming in Airlines Industry – Citilink Indonesia” presentation, Harismawan Wahyuadi said that PT Citilink Indonesia had found some problems before working together with Creatio. The problems were about no system to record information about inventory, the difficulty to tracking sales on board, and the mismatch between manual records and the number of items sold on board. At that time, PT Citilink Indonesia also needed an application that could help crew to find out about the detail information of each passenger and helped Citilink provide good service to passengers.

When PT Citilink Indonesia works together with Creatio, the process helps PT Citilink Indonesia to work easily, because the system that is integrated with CRM Service and Marketing is very flexible, easy, and user-friendly, and that system can provide business process of sales on board. The Web Application can truly see the history of each flight, the historical data of each passenger, the information on each passenger, the history of each crew, and the flight schedules. It can register and record the sales record number, the items that enter the trolley which resulted in good track of sales and goods and all events that occur on the plane. The application can also manage the data of product, inventory and warehouse on each station. The mobile apps application from Creatio helps PT Citilink Indonesia to synchronize, open list passenger, check notification and open detail information about list of product, order product and send message.

On “Business Success Stories on How Technology Helps to Drive Better Results and Accelerate Growth” presentation, Azalea Ayuningtya from Du’Anyam was opened about the problems that happened before working together with Creatio. The problems were about the high risk of inaccuracy in manual calculation, recap, and price matching; and the strategic decision making that could takes up to three to six months before all data collected and analyzed.

After using the application created by Creatio, Du’Anyam finds benefits in the real-time of production tracking and verification of cash payment; and the improvement in production planning and economic impact assessment. The application can also measure the capacity and quality of production easily.

The discussions with these three best clients of Creatio and iSystem Asia really show that Creatio and iSystem Asia are the reliable companies that help PT Citilink Indonesia, Du’Anyam and Wijaya Karya to get much better business performances.


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November 01, 2019

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