iSystem Asia Has Successfully Held Accelerate bpm’online Global Tour 2019 in Jakarta

iSystem Asia is very proud to host the “ACCELERATE bpm’online Global Tour 2019” for Indonesia and the whole Asia Pacific in Jakarta on 5 September 2019 at The Westin Jakarta. Moderated by the Senior Partner of iSystem Asia – Ananta Dewandhono, this third event brings good connections to more than 500 executive business people from the top and leading companies in Indonesia and Asia Pacific who come with powerful plans and positive enthusiasms. iSystem Asia is the most successful technology and management consulting firm focused on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Business Process Management (BPM).

At “ACCELERATE bpm’online Global Tour 2019”, Managing Director of iSystem Asia – Aina Neva Fiati – hopes that the implementation of the CRM system in Indonesia continues to keep pace with the rapid growth of the digital industry today. It takes a strategic step from the C-level in designing the strategy and implementation of a company’s CRM. “Paul Greenberg’s presence marks the industry in the Asia Pacific region, especially in Indonesia, in the spotlight and of course the standard system of relations to customers continues to increase,” said Aina.

“ACCELERATE bpm’online Global Tour 2019” is being held by iSystem Asia and bpm’online with the purpose that all technology and business leaders can share their experiences. All the participants who come to the event highly appreciated the biggest and greatest knowledges shared by the successful leaders. The event is held in 15 countries around the world, and Jakarta is chosen to be the only country to hold this event in the Asia Pacific.

Paul Greenberg, the Managing Principal of The 56 Group, LLC, and the Master and Guru of CRM from his best seller book called “CRM at the Speed of Light”, is the main speaker at “ACCELERATE bpm’online Global Tour 2019” in Jakarta. He discusses about the Digital Communication Revolution that changes the world of institutions and business, and affects the company’s strategy in establishing relationships with customers. The customer engagement is an ongoing interaction between the company and customers. “Some successful companies learn that the business in their companies can be better when they really care about their customers and when they always try to serve their customers in nice ways,” said Paul.

In the event, the great people from bpm’online, the Global Channel Director – Alex Donchuk, the Partner Account Manager for APAC – Bogdan Henderson, and the Regional Sales Director – Mike Hryshchenko, share about the new business plans and ideas called Free bpm’online Studio. The Free bpm’online Studio is a free powerful tool to simplify process design.

“ACCELERATE bpm’online Global Tour 2019” also features representatives of companies in Indonesia who have implemented bpm’online, such as the VP Ancillary and Cargo of PT Citilink Indonesia – Harismawan Wahyuadi, the CEO and Founder of Du’Anyam – Azalea Ayuningtya, and the Senior IT Consultant at Wijaya Karya – Ernawan. They explain about the successful business results that they get ever since they collaborate with iSystem Asia and bpm’online. These three best clients show that bpm’online and iSystem Asia are the reliable companies that help them to get much better business performances.

iSystem Asia, as the only integrator partner of bpm’online in Indonesia and Asia Pacific, continues to work and develop to provide optimal services for consumers and be the best company to provide the best solutions. iSystem Asia has succeeded in helping various companies in Indonesia to implement CRM and BPM for 7 years and has experiences to help companies in various industries, such as telecommunications, financial institutions, public services, automotive, retails, properties, consultancy and many more.

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