The Godfather of CRM, Paul Greenberg, Will Come to Jakarta for the First Time

20 August 2019

Do you believe that Paul Greenberg, the Godfather of CRM, will come to Jakarta?

Yes, it is. Paul Greenberg will be the honorary speaker at the ACCELERATE which will be held on September 5, 2019, in Jakarta, Indonesia; an annual event for corporate leaders, practitioners, activists, and business professionals in the CRM field.

Paul Greenberg is the most recognized leading analyst in the CRM industry. He is the author of a best-seller titled "CRM at the Speed of Light". This book is known as the Bible of CRM for people involved in the industry.

As a businessman, Paul is also the founder and Managing Principal of The 56 Group, LLC, a strategic consulting agency specializing in customer-facing. In this digital age, Paul produced many new ideas about customer relations in social media. This concept is known as "Social CRM".

Paul was extremely influential that when he honestly and objectively reviewed a CRM software, instead of making it gained a bad name, people actually talked about it. The reviewed software has become popular because many are looking for it.

As a practitioner, activist, and business professional in the CRM field; do you dream of meeting directly with the Godfather of CRM? Will you miss this priceless opportunity?

Let's visit ACCELERATE which will be held by bpm’online and iSystem Asia this September. In this event, you can interact with Paul Greenberg himself. New insights and perspectives await you!


iSystem Asia is a partner of bpm'online in Indonesia. iSystem Asia has also received many recognitions from bpm’online. This year is awarded as the Best Performance Partner in the Asia Pacific, 2019.

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