Managing Director of iSystem Asia Had a Warm Discussion with Paul Greenberg, the Godfather of CRM, over a Lunch in bpm’online occassion in Miami

It turns out that through a simple beef-and-chicken steak menu, you can open the global insights of the current CRM industry. This happened during a luncheon chat with CRM Master/CRM Expert, the Godfather of CRM himself, Paul Greenberg.

Aina Neva Fiati, Managing Director of iSystem Asia, chatted with Paul at lunch in Miami, May 2019.

Paul Greenberg is the most recognized leading analyst in the CRM industry. He is the author of a best-seller titled “CRM at the Speed ??of Light”. This book is known as the Bible of CRM for people involved in the industry.

As a businessman, Paul is also the founder and Managing Principal of The 56 Group, LLC, a strategic consulting agency specializing in customer-facing.

Aina and Paul met at the ACCELERATE 2019 event in the same place. A global-scale event that brings together experts and world business & technology leaders.

Aina had the opportunity to get in one stage with Paul as one of the speakers from Asia Pacific’s regional bpm’online partner. She talked a lot about “Aligning Sales & Marketing Strategy”.

For Aina, Paul divulged the future of the CRM industry and the current CRM trends in the world including Indonesia. Paul also told CRM stories of several vendors hyped in the industry.

Indeed, in this digital age, Paul produced many new ideas about customer relations in social media. This concept is known as “Social CRM”.

Who would have thought, the light lunch conversation ended with the Godfather of CRM plan to set foot in Indonesia for the first time on September 5, 2019.

See you at the prestigious ACCELERATE event in September 2019 in Jakarta!

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