Improving Customer Service by implementing CRM in 2019

20 August 2019 - iSystem Asia

By the end of 2019, the Government of Indonesia has targeted to have 8 million Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to go online. The goal is a part of the E-Commerce Roadmap to 2020 with USD 10 billion business value.

Direct encouragement from the central government will increase the use of digital devices in Indonesia. The pattern of consumers in buying goods and services will also change.

In the increasingly fierce competition, utilizing technology to improve services is growing necessary. Grabbing and maintaining relationships with customers through the Customer Relationship Management system is the key.

This year is the right time for you to start using CRM. The government will continue to push forward technology utilization in all lines of industry, the only way to be in the forefront is to prioritize services.

How is the implementation of CRM in 2019 going?

Several global and national media have noted some points, related to the Asia Pacific and Indonesia’s circumstances:


1. Incessant Implementation of IoT CRM

The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (Kominfo) plans to issue the Internet of Things (IoT) regulations in 2019. With this arrangement, IoT technology will be massively adopted by the domestic industry.

The increased use of IoT client-seller experience will help in boosting sales by analyzing search trends, previous purchases, online browsing, and smartphone usage.


2. Massive Implementation of Social CRM

2019 is the Year of Politics in Indonesia. With the election of President and Legislative members in all regions in Indonesia, social media has also become the spearhead of an effective political campaign. Not stopping as a campaign tool, social media is also the vanguard in the marketing sector. Integration of social media with CRM displays a combination that should be taken into account.

Social CRM starts by starting customer communication through social media. Don't just stop at creating a social media account, delve deeper and integrate CRM thoroughly and continuously.


3. The Merging of AI and CRM

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has begun to be found in various fields. With AI, work becomes more effective and faster.

According to Demandbase, 80% of marketing executives believe that AI will change the marketing industry in the next 5 years. AI becomes effective when combined with CRM.

By utilizing the track record of consumers on previous purchases coupled with questionnaires, AI and CRM can provide recommendations that best suit consumer buying patterns. AI-CRM duo is important to apply to businesses so that product sales are spread evenly.


4. The Adoption of CRM on Mobile

The integration of CRM concepts by utilizing web and mobile platforms has increased. Why? Of course, because they can facilitate continuous communication with customers.

This implementation can accommodate the needs of customers and companies, as well as improve service processes. This integration is useful as a medium of information for customers but at competitive costs.

CRM is indeed an old concept, but the unstoppable digital trend pushes CRM to experience revolution faster. If we still use the old ways, surely we will be far behind.


Now is a good time to start.

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