CRM Fundamentals Workshop for Agricon Group | November 2019

Over the years, we have helped companies from various industry to have better understanding on CRM practices through our CRM workshops. One of the most notable workshop we have done in 2019 was with Agricon Group, Indonesia’s largest pesticides company. Dissimilar to the workshops we have done before, the CRM Fundamentals Workshop Highlighting with Agricon Group was very fruitful and merry as it’s attended by over 100 participants. 

Just like our CRM Workshops, we highlight on the value of CRM strategy to ensure the company will be capable in articulating their CRM goals as well as identify key milestones in the CRM process, and at the end assisting them how they measure the success of their CRM efforts.

The workshop was completed within two days in Bogor, the city where Agricon Group established.

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