Creatio Marketing



A comprehensive holistic omni-channel marketing management software powered by out-of-the-box best practice processes delivering demand generation excellence, to cover a complete marketing processes from lead generation and customer segmentation to campaign management, as well as marketing plan and realization.


  • Use out-of-the-box processes for lead management
    Creatio marketing provides best practice processes for efficient lead management – from demand generation to lead nurturing, to final hand-off to sales. To make sure your sales team focuses only on qualified and sales-ready leads.
  • Maintain a constant dialogue with your customers
    Use email-marketing tools to establish and maintain personalized communications with every customer. Optimize your communication strategy based on mass mail responses.
  • Marketing Campaigns
    Overcome marketing challenges. Explore how to utilize a visual campaign designer in Creatio CRM. Reach audiences with the most relevant message on the right channel.
  • Engaging interface that users love!
    Enjoy working with the modern, streamlined user interface that is free from redundant information, keeping focused only on what’s relevant. The Creatio marketing application has a social look and feel and delivers the same user experience no matter what device it is used on: laptop, tablet or smartphone


Product overview :

Creatio marketing is a powerful marketing automation software that helps you to gain demand generation excellence through identifying customers’ needs and nurturing their interests until they are successfully transformed into opportunities.


Easily manage each step of customer demand generation by following pre-defined processes – from lead qualification to hand-off to sales.

Use Creatio analytics to track new leads, evaluate the level of engagement and efficiency of different channels

Use Creatio marketing to build your target audience and send bulk emails with just a few clicks of a mouse.


System Features:

  • 360° customer view
  • Lead management
  • Marketing campaign management
  • Email-marketing
  • Event management
  • Productivity tools
  • Business process management
  • Knowledge management
  • Synchronization and import
  • System designer


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