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Training & Certification


The iSystem Asia Training & Certification Program is a complete modular program of class and exam to validate the skill of CRM/CX professional and to facilitate deployment in your company with top-tier professional management certification on CRM and Customer Experience Management (CX). More…

Consulting & Advisory


Your business is still researching what the best solution is? You are preparing a CRM/CX system implementation, building a CRM culture or Customer Centric Organization, Customer Strategy or even re-implementing your existing system, we are here to assist you and get most out of your CRM initiatives. More…



Manage a complete customer journey from lead to order, on-going customer maintenance, CRM analytics as well as adopting Social CRM with the top CRM Technologies. More…

Our Customers

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Achmad Royhan,
Vice president of IT,

PT Citilink Indonesia


"As the fastest growing airline in the region, we need technology that supports our strategy of constant acceleration.

iSystem Asia helps us transform and grow rapidly, servicing our customers at jet speed! "

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"The training is well structured and rich with various examples of CRM implementation case."


Andri Fabriansyah,
Senior Officer Enterprise CRM,

PT Telkom Indonesia

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Ria Resty,
Senior Research Consulting,

PT Infomedia Nusantara


"Learned a lot of new things from the expert facilitators... to Keep and Grow customers with

IDIC methodology and Customer Lifetime value should be the main focus"

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"CRM is not just a tools or software... its a change ...Really inspired by various success stories

and failure of CRM Implementation...I wish I learned this much earlier in my CRM career..."


Pieter Siegers,
Senior Project Manager,

NTT Data

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