Online Webinar – Digital Customer Experience (CX) during down Economy

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Program Description:

Digital customer experience (DCX) is the set of digital interactions between a customer and an organization which creates customer value. This course (a combination of self-learning and 4 “on-line” deep interactive sessions) provides participants with the key concepts, terms, and techniques to deploy digital customer experience.

The generic term of customer experience (CX) covers the entire landscape from traditional customer service to new digital methods that are used to interact with customers. DCX focuses on the latter, but relies on the former. It includes both front-office customer touching interactions and back-office business processes that ultimately benefit customers.

Here you will learn about the central role of customer journey mapping in DCX and the interdependence of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) improvement and thinking processes. You will come to understand how best to manage DCX. You will gain an understanding of how CX and DCX are related to the user experience and the role of rapid prototyping and agile in deploying DCX. You will appreciate how the organizations vision for customer experience, its digital strategy, and a practical road map needed for a success in your customer experience management framework.

What You Will Learn:

  1. Shift Mindset
    • Product to Customer Centricity
    • Market share to Customer Share
    • Leadership
    • Technology enablers
  2. The Truth about Customer Experience (CX)
    • DCX introduction
    • CX thinking processes
    • CX methodology
    • Customer advocacy
  3. CX vital tool – CRM and rightful measurement
    • IDIC methodology
    • Social Media
    • Gap Analysis
    • CX measurement flow – VOC, VOE and VOP
  4. Create Customer Journey Mapping and get CX going
    • Customer Journey thinking processes
    • Customer Life Cycle
    • B to B perspective
    • “Root cause” to start DCX immediately

Learning Outcome:

This total course presents a balanced combination of theoretical and practical information sharing and transferring of knowledge. Participants will develop skill in customer journey mapping, gain insight into the infrastructure to continuously improve customer experience, and cultivate an appreciation of best practices and key pitfalls to avoid. CX or Digital CX can be done successfully after consistent Customer Service performance and Customer data ownership with clear CRM thinking processes in place, that will enhance keeping and growing your customer share. The clear overall objective is to be “Customer Focus”. After this program, participants will be able to start CX with an improved overall performance during this down economy.

Duration & Method:

Four days “on-line” sharing and discussion (Online Webinar). There will be 4 parts, with 2hrs “on-line” session each day, continuously. Book of Knowledge (BOK) will be given before the start of the 4 parts to each confirmed participant for reference, self-learning and knowledge.


The program is designed for people who have responsibilities in customer experience journey, includes: marketing, branding, CX, CRM people – in middle management or senior level; Entrepreneurs; and SME owners.

Learning Methodology

This program will be delivered by combining various experiential learning methods

  • Short Presentation: to introduce concept, framework and theories.
  • Video & Multimedia: to inspire and build understanding.
  • Assessment exercise: to assess the readiness and resources needed.
  • Small group exercise: to internalize concept and framework.
  • Case Study: to better understand basic concept.
  • Interactive Discussion: to enrich knowledge and understanding.
  • Learning diary: to summarize understanding of materials.
  • Evaluation: feedback and learning gain.

Where & When

May 04 to 07, 2020
01.00 PM – 03.00 PM

Online Webinar
Four days “on-line” sharing and discussion

Course Leader

Dr. Paul Leow, DBA, P.CRM

Training Fee

IDR 1,500,000 /package/person
(4 sessions per package)
IDR 450,000 /session/person
(1 session = 2 hours)

price excludes VAT

Held in English


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Digital Customer Experience (CX) During Down Economy


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