iSystemAsia Succeed bpm’online Global Tour 2017

15 November 2017

iSystem Asia as the organizing and strategic partner of bpm’online successfully succeeded the workshop bpm’online Global Tour 2017, Thursday (2/11). The event, located at The Westin, Jakarta, has been attended by 250 senior corporate executives from various industries.

Alex Donchuk as Global Channel Director bpm’online presented on the venue. Several other speakers from the representatives of Citilink Indonesia, Achmad Royhan as Vice President of Information Technology and Handojo Triyanto Senior Research Manager IDC Financial Insights can also be found.

Aina Neva Fiati as Managing Director of iSystem Asia said that she is very proud of the success of this event. Moreover, according to Aina, Jakarta has been chosen as the only country in Asia that is trusted as the location of Global Tour Event.

“We are very grateful that the 2017 Global Tour 2015 event can take place smoothly, which can not be separated from the trust of stakeholders, especially bpm’online as iSystem Asia’s strategic partner,” said Aina.

iSystem Asia as a bpm’online license holder hopes to continue to provide optimal services for their partners. iSystem Asia is also committed to provide reliable help for many business organizations that require business process management (BPM) and customer relationship management (CRM) solutions.

The event covered by a number of national online media discusses the development of the benefits of CRM and BPM. The participants were actively involved in discussions, especially in the issues of digital transformation that swept across the globe, including Indonesia.

“Our first experience of CRM is still manual, consequently there were many customer problems that could not be responded well. Customers are disappointe., Today, Citilink can respond to consumers up to 90 percent,” said Achmad as the key speaker of the discussion as quoted by

Citilink explained that it has been using bpm’online software since several years ago and felt the rapid growth of consumer services. The event, moderated by Ananta Dewandhono as Senior Partner of iSystem Asia, received a positive response from the participants.

This included when the audience responded to IDC data on leadership transformation trends as one of the factors of digital transformation. After Jakarta, bpm’online Global Tour 2017 will be visiting Sao Paolo, Brazil. Several cities that have been traversed are Boston, Kiev, Minsk, Paris, London, Moscow, Almaty, Melbourne and Jakarta.

“In order for organizations to compete, they must be agile and can automate more than just CRM,” said Alex Donchuk as Global Channel Director bpm’online. Business leaders are expected to continue to initiate quickly in a constantly changing business environment.

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