Studio Developer


Program Description:

The bpm’online Studio course is the foundation for designing and developing custom solutions using bpm’online platform. The platform is suited for both medium and large businesses, as well as system integrators and developers of bpm’online solutions.

Workshop Summary:

Participants will receive basic knowledge on the bpm’online architecture, deployment and administration. Finally, participants will learn how to set up bpm’online configurations, create new objects, lookups, pages, sections, details and program server and client logic. Business process development and typical customizations using JavaScript will be covered as well. Participants can create new application using bpm’online tools.

Target Audience:

This workshop program is intended for developers who are just starting their work with bpm’online platform, require business process logic, and knowledge on resolving complex configuration tasks.

Workshop Program:


  • Introduction to BPMN
  • Introduction to bpm’online Studio

System Setting

  • bpm’online Installation
  • User management
  • Advanced settings
  • Object permissions/access right
  • Business Rules
  • Mobile apps settings

System Development

  • Object designer
  • Section wizard bpm’online
  • Detail wizard bpm’online
  • Business Process Management
  • bpm’online model configuration object
  • Custom bpm’online using JavaScript
  • Database management
  • Dashboard & Reporting management

Duration & Method: In-class – 5 days

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