To ensure buy in, accelerate change and develop enabling condition, we provide various executive training, education, coaching and certification program.
We provide both Public & In-house Training and Certification Bootcamp Program in Customer Relationship Management.
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Our Standard CRM Training Series & Certification Programs

CRM Training Series & Certification Programs


  • CRM Fundamentals Class: a two-day course leads students from understanding the fundamentals of CRM as well as the CRM philosophy and the implementation of CRM. more details…
  • Professional CRM Certification (P.CRM) Certification Bootcamp: an intensive four-day CRM fire-breaking training and certification program. Built and designed to fulfill the market need for passionate CRM professional who could lead and drive the organization succeeding in customer era. Emphasizing more on designing and managing CRM initiatives. more details…
  • Advanced CRM Certification: an in-depth understanding of more complex area of CRM, followed by certification exam and project delivery. This training and certification is aimed to those who have already attended P.CRM certification. This program will be equipped with necessary tools and skills required to run a CRM implementation. Drive changes, align CRM with other business processes, and integrating CRM with corporate strategies.
  • Continuing Professional Education (CPE): series of professional education program designed to facilitate CRM Professionals in maintaining their professional competence and provide quality professional services and to cope with the most recent development, strategy, tools, best practices and innovation in CRM industry.


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