July, 20-07-2017 by T Setiawan

PT Astra Honda Motor mengundang iSystem Asia untuk memberikan Workshop Customer Relationship Management (CRM) secara In-house bagi Divisi Sales and Service, Contact Center & Customer Relation. Training dihadiri oleh 23 peserta dari Divisi tersebut...

July, 20-07-2017 by T Setiawan

iSystem Asia is currently recognized as one of the training providers of AARM CRM Program in Indonesia. This public training is one of the regular training held for companies in need of expertise help in CRM field. Focusing on people, process and technology, this course will equip participants deep understanding of the fundamentals of CRM as well as the CRM philosophy and the implementation of CRM systems that incorporate and integrate information from sales, marketing and service.

May, 12-05-2017 by Admin

iSystem Asia, an Indonesia-based Customer Relationship Management Consulting Company with years hands-on experiences in both Customer Relationship Management as well as Information Technology business, received an award for “Fastest Growing Partner in Asia Pacific” at the bpm’online Global Tour 2017....

May, 19-05-2016 by Nurul Sukma

Program training dan sertifikasi profesi ini merupakan acara yang rutin dilakukan oleh AARM Indonesia sejak tahun 2014, dan hingga sekarang telah menghasilkan lebih dari 150 orang alumni.

May, 03-05-2016 by Nurul Sukma

Hadir sebagai Course Master adalah Dr. Paul Leow, Singaporean born- Canadian yang merupakan AARM International President, juga CRM expert dengan lebih dari 26 tahun exposure di bidang CRM yang telah melanglang buana mengajar

April, 28-04-2016 by Nurul Sukma

PT Serasi Autoraya atau yang lebih dikenal dengan SERA merupakan salah satu anak perusahaan yang sahamnya dimiliki 99,9995% oleh PT Astra International dan membawahi beberapa unit bisnis strategis yaitu TRAC, mobil88, ibid, selog serta O-RENZ Taxi.

April, 15-04-2016 by Aina Neva Fiati

Email is among the most powerful online marketing tools out there; for many marketers, email marketing trumps PPC and offline marketing. The reason is simple; email marketing lets you reach qualified prospects repeatedly, emails allow you to nurture leads like no other form of marketing.

April, 07-04-2016 by Nurul Sukma

The first task in turning your organization into a one-to-one enterprise is to assess your current situation. How far along are you, and how far do you have to go? What particular issues should you be working on first? Where are you in relation to your competitors?

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